What Are the Trends in the Theories of Customer Service?


There are several trends in customer service as of the end of 2012. One of the biggest trends is self-service, where you can shop at discount stores and bag your own groceries to save some money. Another big part of the self-service trend is finding answers online, either on the companies website, or their Facebook page or through other online venues.
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Customer Satisfaction. Customer satisfaction is a measure of how satisfied customers are with their overall experience with a company. Customer satisfaction can also measure specific
1. Smile when a potential customer approaches you. Make eye contact. The all important feel-good factor, launched with a smile almost always begins with eye contact. Customers and
Training is used to educate employees about a company's products and services and motivate them about customer commitment and customer service ethos. Employees must be motivated and
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Customer Service Theory
The theory of customer service and satisfaction is about retaining customers. Loyalty remains the key element. It is by nature an intensely practical theory. Without a firm grasp on the basic principles of customer service, a firm cannot survive. Few... More »
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