How to Make Your Own Custom Jordans?


To customize your own Jordans, you have to remember that there are certain items that you can use that will stick to your shoes without any problem. Sometimes, certain kinds of paint are used to streak Jordans but some people just use items like spikes to make their Jordans look cooler than usual.
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1. Go to the NikeiD website ( Choose the preferred language and your country from the home page. 2. Roll your mouse over the drop-down menu for either men's or women's
In the related links box below I posted a good site on Jordan customs.
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If you want to know where you can customize your own Jordan's, you will need to seek a artist to help you design your custom shoes. Many people have made painting ...
Custom made Jordans can be bought online. These are sold at eBay and Nextag. You can also custom make your own Jordans. Make your imagination work, be creative ...
There are a number of websites through which a person can design their own Jordans. The shoes can be customized through a web application. A nominal 'custom design ...
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