How to Cut Bird's Mouths in Rafters?


A birdmouth cut is a simple way to seat rafters on a load-bearing wall. The cut has to be have a 90 degree angle where it sits on the wall. It can be used to get any slope you want your roof to be.
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1. Calculate the pitch of your roof. Pitch = rise / (run x 2) Rise is the vertical distance from the top plate of the wall to the peak of the roof. Run is the horizontal distance
Hi Mike, I usually do my initial cuts with a skil saw (circular saw) but I don't overcut past my marks. Then I take either a hand saw and finish the cut or use a sawzall which is
with a saw.
The "birdsmouth" is actually called a seat cut and it will be determined by the pitch of the roof your trying to achieve . the seat cut will not weaken the roof only the
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How to Cut Bird's Mouths in Rafters
Prior to factory-made trusses and metal rafter brackets, every framing carpenter knew how to cut a "bird's mouth" or "bird's beak." A bird's mouth is simply a notch that allows a rafter's underside to sit flat on a wall's top plate. Although the bird's... More »
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