How to Cut Bird's Mouths in Rafters?


A birdmouth cut is a simple way to seat rafters on a load-bearing wall. The cut has to be have a 90 degree angle where it sits on the wall. It can be used to get any slope you want your roof to be.
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1. Calculate the pitch of your roof. Pitch = rise / (run x 2) Rise is the vertical distance from the top plate of the wall to the peak of the roof. Run is the horizontal distance
First is the angle of the roof rafter. This MUSt be established BEFORE any cutting takes place. Identify the wall plate (normally a 4 x 2 (2 x 4 if in the US)timber across the top
The "birdsmouth" is actually called a seat cut and it will be determined by the pitch of the roof your trying to achieve . the seat cut will not weaken the roof only the
Hi Mike, I usually do my initial cuts with a skil saw (circular saw) but I don't overcut past my marks. Then I take either a hand saw and finish the cut or use a sawzall which is
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How to Cut Bird's Mouths in Rafters
Prior to factory-made trusses and metal rafter brackets, every framing carpenter knew how to cut a "bird's mouth" or "bird's beak." A bird's mouth is simply a notch that allows a rafter's underside to sit flat on a wall's top plate. Although the bird's... More »
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