How do you cut the bottom of a shirt off?


Cutting the bottom off of a shirt is a fun way to add your own style. The best way to do this is start with the shirt laying flat out. Next, cut the shirt evenly in a straight line, or add crazy cuts for a very unique looking cut off shirt.
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1. Lay the shirt on an ironing board and heat the iron. Look at the interior label of the shirt to determine what type of heat setting, such as cotton, poly-blend or rayon. 2. Iron
1. Find some fabric scissors. These will cut through cotton fabric much more easily. If you don't have any you can use regular scissors though. You'll also need to find a t-shirt;
A cutoff shirt is a shirt with the sleeves cut off. ChaCha!
Its actually pretty easy. First you get the color thread of the shirt, then you get the color of shirt and in that kind of material. Next you sow it from the inside so you don't see
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You can cut t-shirts into many designs using scissors and sewing skills. It is up to your imagination what you would like to create. ...
To cut and sew your own shirt, you could either find a pattern or copy an existing shirt you own. The pattern will give you directions for different sizes. If ...
You can use a sharp pair of scissors to cut sleeves off a T-shirt. When you cut the sleeves off a t-shirt, you can start along the armpit area and cut upwards. ...
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