Cute Nicknames to Call My Boyfriend?


There are many cute nicknames one can call their boyfriend. Cute names for guys are sweetie, honey pie, love muffin, sugar, honey, boo, boo bear, and love bug. One should find a nickname that is best suited for their guy and his personality.
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Honestly, if anything, all a guy wants to hear is "cutie" or "babe" or something that is his favorite like "cow. boy"
Call him babe, baby, honey, cuddlebug, boo, cutie pie, sweetheart, swe.
baby, sexy, lovebird, honey, sweety, hottie, lover, bf, ummm. that's all I can really think of right now :
Guy nicknames include: Handsome, Cowboy, Honey Bear, Big Guy, Tiger, Stud, Sugar Daddy, Movie Star, Baby, Sweetheart, Darling, Honey, and Sweetie Pie. Ask!
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