Cute Questions to Ask Your Boyfriend?


There are many cute questions you can ask your boyfriend that will help you learn more about him. For instance, you can ask him if he ever had any pet names growing up or what his idea of a romantic date is. Also, you may ask him 'did you fall in love with me instantly' or anything along those lines.
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Ok so if ur really into him if u go to a movie say can i borrow your sweatshirt they also luv when u compliment them. they also like when ur fiesty and play hard to get just be ur
Does your heart sing whenever you think of me? ChaCha!
do you remember back about your childhood memories? o.O unless youve talked about it already randomness: do you remmeber legos? oh man, those were
"Do I look fat?" ...asked my college girlfriend with a secret eating disorder, who was dangerously underwieght when I returned from a two month backpacking trip in Europe.
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