Cute Text Message Signatures?


Cute text messaging signatures often give users a chance to display their personalities in fun ways. You can make a cute signature by replacing some of the letters in your name with numbers. For example, an E can be replaced with a 3. You can find some great signatures to copy at Go Live Wire.
Q&A Related to "Cute Text Message Signatures?"
i like.<3. your boyfriend girlfriends name. a nickname. your name spelled in numbers/symbols. those are just a couple! hope you like them.
My personal favorite is <3, the sideways heart, but feel free to create anything you'd like using letters and symbols!
1. Power on* Make sure your cell is on this is a no brainer but it needs to be on in order to send and receive a text, so turn on that cell phone. 2. Menu* On my cell phone I go to
Cherry Bomb or Smoke Bomg would be cool too.
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