Cute Ways to Ask a Girl Out?


Your palms are sweating, your heart is racing, you're nervous! When you really like a girl, asking her out on a date for the first time can be stressful.

While there are many cute ways to ask a girl out, the best thing to do is to just ask. If the girl likes you back, she is sure to be excited about the prospect of going out with you. The best approach is to be honest and straightforward. Sometimes if you over-think it, you'll make yourself even more anxious.

Start by coming up with a game plan for the date. Take her interests in mind so that she knows you put some thought into it. Next, engage her in a casual conversation, and remember to be confident. Surely, you wouldn't be asking her out if you didn't suspect she might like you back. Find a way to lead into your date proposal by asking about her interest or sharing one of your own. The final step is the hardest – asking her out. Be certain to make sure she knows it is a date!
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How to Ask a Girl Out on a Date
When asking girls out for dates, it's important to be nonchalant and avoid putting pressure on the girl. Ask a girl out on a date with tips from a dating coach in this free video on meeting people and relationship advice.... More »
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1 Write a note asking her to Prom. At the top, write "Now that we've broken the ice, will you go to Prom/Homecoming with me?" Be sure to include her name somewhere, so she
I would recommend the direct approach. Face to face or over the phone only. Do not ask a girl out by posting to her MySpace page or sending a text. She has probably been wanting you
make sure you know her very well know what she likes and what she doesn't. be with her long enough to know she won't say no. then you could go out to a skating a rink and after a
You should always be confident, sweet, charming, and polite while trying to ask a
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I know of a really cute way to ask a girl out. Get a latex balloon, something pretty like pink or purple and write a note asking her to go out with you and stuff ...
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