Cute Ways to Ask a Guy to Sadies?


Finding cute ways to ask a guy to a Sadies dance can be fun. Its all about making the experience unique. You can write a poem or write a note. Pick out a gift like candy or something you know he likes add the note to the gift. Then, find a fun way to give the gift. Its all up to you and what you think would make it special. Keep in mind men love food, so if you can bake, that is a bonus for you.
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Order a pizza and write "SADIES? on it in M&Ms or whatever you
Just ask the guy straight up. Unlike girls, guys think cute and creative is "weird" so don't waste your time trying to think of something creative because the guy probably
A cute way to ask a boy to a Sadies dance is to make him something. Make it a cute surprise. Most importantly, be confident! report this answer. Updated on Wednesday, February 01
Make some brownies or make a miniature cake that says will you go with me to the Sadie Hawkins dance? OR you can use the cute cupcake or muffin that says Sadies. You can also write
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