Cute Ways to Paint Your Nails?


You don’t have to spend a fortune at the nail salon to have a fashionable manicure and there are several cute ways to paint your nails. You can form heart designs on your nails by taking the end of a bobby pin and dipping it into nail polish. Place two dots next to each other and then drag them together to form a heart. Use a thin makeup or artist’s brush to paint stripes or lines on your nails. At your drug store, you can also purchase pre-designed nail tips in colors and patterns for an easy home manicure or try out lacquered nail strips that adhere straight onto your nails for a long lasting finish. You can also be creative in order to celebrate seasons of the year. You can easily make snowflakes and Santa faces on your nails for Christmas or even etch out a football goal post and green grass to celebrate the big game.
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1. Start off with a base coat. This will prevent your nails from stains and breakage. Ad. 2. Paint all your nails pink. This will be the pig's color. 3. Use a dotting tool to make
you can paint your nails black or white and then take a bobby pin or tooth pick and make zebra like this:…. this pic above is professional
a super cute idea is to paint your nail your favorite color then take a tooth pick and dip it into a gold nail polish (or silver nail polish) (white also works) then make a little
The top trendy colors are Regatta blue, golden yellow Beeswax, Silver
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