Cute Ways to Say Goodnight?


A cute way to say goodnight to your boyfriend is letting him have the say. Sometimes giving the guy the last goodnight saying can make them feel empowering and strengthen their confidence. If you're the flirtatious type, try and say, 'think of me when you sleep'. If you're the clingy type, try and say, 'I won't hang up until you do.' Another good way is to end with an inside joke that will make you both laugh and hang up the phone together.
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a cute way to say goodnight to your boyfriend is send him a text saying goodnight and tell him how much you love him and why you love him i do it to my boyfriend and it works out
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Cute Ways to Say Goodnight
As a child, you might have heard your mother or father say this common rhyme to you: "Goodnight, sleep tight, don't let the bedbugs bite." Whether or not it actually helped you sleep is a subject for debate, but you still likely found the familiar ritual... More »
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