Cutting Back Ferns?


To cut ferns back, prune away any dead or unsightly destroyed fronds from the fern anytime during the growing season from spring to fall. Do not chop low on the stem or you may unintentionally cut or damage the rhizome from where the frond grows. Wait until fall frosts and freezes turn your ferns' fronds gray or golden brown. Cut all frond stems to a height of 1 to 5 inches. Do not cut off young, shorter, attractive fronds that will grow more, focusing on cutting back the oldest, floppy or ratty-looking fronds.
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1. Trim away any dead or unsightly broken fronds from the fern anytime during the growing season from spring to fall. Snip the frond at the stem base with hand pruners. Do not cut
Ferns are wild, I couldn't see why anyone would actually buy these. If you cut them back they still grow, you cant hurt these plants, so cut back whenever you want.oh use a pair od
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1. Inspect the variegated wintercreeper and locate all the ends of the plant that are damaged or dead. Snip off all of the dead pieces of the wintercreeper as close to the root as
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How to Cut Ferns Back
Ferns comprise a large group of non-flowering plants native to six continents, often associated with moist soil and high humidity. Deciduous ferns' fronds are killed by winter frost or drought but regrow in spring with the return of warmth and rain.... More »
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