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You can get on the CVS learnet at home by going to the CVS learnet website. Once at the website you will need to enter your employee ID and your password. Your learnet site password is the same as your RXConnect password.
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LOL. I just had to edit my answer as I gave my office fax number as the answer. The real number is 401-770-2500. Source(s) I work at a Regional Office for CVS. and I had to call them
The Manager will give you your Id number and help make a password. Get on the site, log on with your employee Id and password. Then let the fun begin.
I am a cvs employee and I have test to take on learnet, and I can not even find the web page so I can . Can anyone help? Please and Thank you. Phyllis.
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CVS Pharmacy, or simply CVS, is the second largest pharmacy chain in the United States (after Walgreens), with over 7,000 stores in 41 states and Puerto Rico… More>>
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To get on your CVS Learnet at home, you will need your Employee ID number. For CVS employees, you can get this on your paycheck or from your supervisor. The first ...
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