Who were Cyrus and Darius?


Sometimes there is confusion as to if Cyrus and Darius are the same person, but they are in fact not. Cyrus The Great was the king who defeated the Babylonians, and allowed all the captive people there to return to their native lands. Darius came a while after him, overthrowing the king Bardia who had himself stolen the throne from another king. Both kings are mentioned in the old testament, and that has lead to the confusion of them being the same person.
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they both had awesome names.
Homework? IMHO.
The main concerns of Cyrus, Darius, and Zoroaster, were
Darius recognized the role of God in human affairs. During his reign, Darius adopted the religion of Zoroastrianism for the Persian Empire. Darius probably thought that the god he
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