What Is Chrysler's Stock Ticker Symbol?


Chrysler Group LLC, formerly known as Daimler Chrysler AG, is an American auto manufacturer that was first founded in 1925. The headquarters for Chrysler is Auburn Hills, Michigan. The stock ticker symbol is UAW VEBA.
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The closest you can get is DAI for Daimler
C on the NYSE IS INCORRECT! C = Citigroup on the NYSE. No More Chrysler on NYSE. You have to buy FIATY.PK or F.MI on the Milan exchange (FIAT) or DAI since it is a part of Chrysler
When reading a stock quote page in the financial section of your newspaper, or when looking up a stock quote online, there is a list of abbreviations and numbers provided next to
W. hen a. ticker symbol. changes it's usually not a good sign. Tickers of. publicly traded companies. generally only change for one of four reasons: When a ticker symbol changes because
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