What is the Dainik Jagran newspaper?


The “Dainkik Jagran” is a daily newspaper in India that’s written in Hindu. The Audit Bureau of Circulations in India reports that “Dainik Jagran” has the most readership in India.

The parent company for the newspaper is called Jagran Prakashan Ltd. Their newspaper began in 1942. More recently, the company has expanded to offer coverage in magazines, Internet publications and mobile services in addition to the newspapers. According to the Jagran website, the readership crested 55 million in 2014. There are 37 different editions, and the Jagran covers 11 different states in India. The “Dainik Jagran” newspaper in India has had controversy due to accusations that they allowed politicians to send them money in exchange for editorials and other pieces in the newspaper that showed these politicians in a positive light. Other newspapers like “Dainik Bhaskar,” “Dainik Hindustan” and “Hindustan Times” have been accused of this type of corruption as well. None of the papers admitted any wrongdoing, but several politicians have admitted purchasing special packages that gave them better coverage in the paper. The World Association of Newspapers claims that Jagran is the largest daily newspaper in the world. The site claims that a BBC-Reuters survey voted the site as the most credible source of news as well.

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Mahendra Mohan Gupta.
Caste Brahmins. Caste Kshatriyas. Caste Vaysyas. Caste Sudras. And whatsoever is there in the name of Caste must be exposed. Its really great of you.
Go to www.jagran.com and in the Menu you will see Epaper- when you click on that you will see a date button. Click on that and you would get the paer of that day.
Hi, Dainik Jagran is the most widely read newspaper of India, with a readership of 54.3 millions (IRS 2010, R1) Third by circulation, the Hindi daily is published by Jagran Prakashan
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