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To make a Daisy Duke costume, cut an old pair of blue jeans. Make it really short. Put on a shirt and tie it on the chest. Then curl your hair in big rollers. Finally, apply glossy lip gloss, blue eye shadow and a mascara.
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Things You'll Need. Blue jeans. Fabric pencil. Scissors. Hairspray. Hot rollers. Button-down shirt. Cowgirl hat. Piece of straw. High-heeled shoes. Instructions. <.
short denim shorts and a plaid shirt with the bottom tied up and a pair of cowboy boots.
1 Take a pair of jeans or capris that still fit, some scissors, sandpaper(optional), and sharpie or black pen and go out in your front (or back) yard. Ad 2 Get the jeans or capris
Daisy Dukes are REALLY short and tight cutoff jeans shorts. Click the link to see how Catherine Bach, Jessica Simpson, and April Scott sport their Daisy Dukes.
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How to Make a Daisy Duke Costume
If you're looking for a cheap costume, Daisy Duke is the girl for you. Television's "Dukes of Hazzard" aired for a long time, and it is now considered a classic show. Daisy Duke was the smarter-than-average cousin of Bo and Luke Duke. She wore her... More »
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