Daisy Duke Costume?


To make a Daisy Duke costume, cut an old pair of blue jeans. Make it really short. Put on a shirt and tie it on the chest. Then curl your hair in big rollers. Finally, apply glossy lip gloss, blue eye shadow and a mascara.
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1. Cut off a pair of blue jeans with your scissors. Make them very short. In Daisy Duke's day, there were no low-rise jeans. Hers went just about up to the navel. Daisy Duke remakes
short denim shorts and a plaid shirt with the bottom tied up and a pair of cowboy boots.
1 Take a pair of jeans or capris that still fit, some scissors, sandpaper(optional), and sharpie or black pen and go out in your front (or back) yard. Ad 2 Get the jeans or capris
Ummm watch Dukes of Hazzard the movie that should answer ur ?but also daisy dukes aka daisy Marie is also a adult actress.
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How to Make a Daisy Duke Costume
If you're looking for a cheap costume, Daisy Duke is the girl for you. Television's "Dukes of Hazzard" aired for a long time, and it is now considered a classic show. Daisy Duke was the smarter-than-average cousin of Bo and Luke Duke. She wore her... More »
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