How old is a Daisy Model 1894 BB gun?


The Daisy Manufacturing Company first introduced the Model 1894 in 1966. The company started way back during World War 1 making the weapons that were used in war. The guns were introduced again between 1992 and 96, but had a crossbolt safety added to them at that time.
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The Daisy Model 94 Carbine was made between 1955-1962.
Daisy offers a free service to assist you with an answer. See the link below.
Are you aware that the model 25 is in production again. There are 21 different variations of the model 25 before the new one came out. So here is what I suggest. Daisy has a service
What condition is it in. The working and physical condition determine the value. You have not stated either. Give it some sort of rating like POOR, FAIR, GOOD, VERY GOOD or EXCELLENT
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