How old is a Daisy Model 1894 BB gun?


The Daisy Manufacturing Company first introduced the Model 1894 in 1966. The company started way back during World War 1 making the weapons that were used in war. The guns were introduced again between 1992 and 96, but had a crossbolt safety added to them at that time.
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The Daisy Model 94 Carbine was made between 1955-1962.
It all depends on which Daisy model 99 you are asking about. 99 Target special: Variant 1=1959, Variant 2=1960-1979. 99 Champion: mfg 1967. 99 Lucky McDonalds: mfg 1960.
200-350 dollars,depending on overall condition and a good bore.
depending on the rifle's state , and condition , from 400 to 1400,00.
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