How to Find Someone in a Dallas County Jail?


Dallas county jail, found in Dallas, is the ninth largest county in the United States of America. As of a census in 2010, it contains 2,368,139 and currently the ninth most populous county in America.
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1. Go to the "Texas Statewide Resources" section of VINELink (See Resources link below) 2. Click on the "Search & Register" tab, then click "All Facilities
The address of the Dallas County Jail is 111 West Commerce Street in Dallas, Texas 75208. The jail operates twenty-four seven. The following is also the phone number (214) 962-5800.
Dallas, TX is a very large city that encompasses several counties. Collin county, Dallas county, Denton county, Kaufman county, and Rockwall county are all in parts of Dallas.
The numbers are (214) 653-6092 or (214) 653-2907.
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111 Commerce St, Dallas, TX 75207
(214) 761-9025
To find someone in Dallas County jail you can use the Dallas County jail look-up website. You will need the inmates first and last name and age range. You can also call 214-761-9025.
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