How to Calculate Damping Ratio?


There are two ways to calculate the damping ratio. One is to measure the ratio of x at two successive maxima. The second way is to count the number of cycles it takes for the system response to decay to half its original amplitude.
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1. Determine what you know. In an oscillating system, there are three primary quantities used to describe the differential equation: mass m, spring constant k and damping constant
( ′dam·piŋ ′rā·shō ) (physics) The ratio of the actual resistance in damped harmonic motion to that necessary to produce critical damping.
the fine boring spindle using CBN tools creates chatter . is it because less damping ratio of spindle? the bore is 100 mmdia . L/D ratio is 5.
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How to Calculate Damping Ratio
In a perfect world, a pendulum or any other oscillating system will swing back and forth indefinitely. The real world is far from perfect, and the forces of friction in its many forms will conspire to slow down the oscillation and dampen the motion. This... More »
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