What are the dangers of a horseshoe kidney?


A person with a horseshoe kidney has several dangers they need to watch out for. They need to drink more water than people with normal kidneys. This will help in preventing kidney stones. People have a higher incidence of renal cancer and are at an increased chance of getting kidney infections. Kidney obstructions area also a possibility if the ureter is abnormally placed. The chance of being born with a horseshoe kidney is 1 in 500.
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1. Get tests done early to look for horseshoe kidney. Some tests that your doctor can perform during your pregnancy to look for horseshoe kidney include a renal ultrasound, IV pyelogram
( ′hör′shü ′kid·nē ) (medicine) Congenital fusion of two kidneys at one pole.
They can be very dangerous once the infection enters the bloodstream. Once that happens vomiting and fever occur. The vomiting dehydrates the body which leads to a high heart rate
About one-third of children will have no symptoms. One-third of individuals with horseshoe kidney will have another anomaly or other complication involving the cardiovascular, nervous
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