What are some of the dangers of licking envelopes?


The dangers of licking envelopes include contamination, infestation, latex allergy, and paper cuts. If you are allergic to rubber which is used in making paper glue, you are not likely to experience latex allergy from licking envelope. However, it is still possible that the envelope has been contaminated by bacteria and other organisms like dust mites. The edges or paper can also cause mild injury in the tongue or lips which can lead to infection.
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A latex allergy affects approximately 1 to 6 percent of United States citizens and result in anything from a reddening of the skin, blistering, or nausea, to rapid heart rate, hives
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The "toxic glue" that is credited with killing people who lick it i...
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What Are the Dangers of Licking Envelopes?
While modern safety protocols ensure that dangerous chemicals stay out of the manufacturing of envelope glue, concerns about the health risks involved in licking envelopes have mounted in recent years. The threat of terrorist contamination, lack of... More »
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