Dangers of Penicillin?


The main danger in taking penicillin is you may have an allergy to the drug. Penicillin allergies are very common especially with the fact many doctors prescribe antibiotics way too often. Symptoms of an allergy to penicillin are rash, hives, wheezing, itchy eyes, swollen lips, tongue, or face. If you do have a reaction, your doctor may want to do an allergy skin test to confirm the allergy. If you have a reaction, seek medical help immediately.
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There are people who are allergic to penicillin and who have what is called an anaphalactic reaction. The most serious reactions can cause death.
6 Sep 2009 The manufacturer cannot guarantee the effectiveness of a drug once it is past the expiry date.
Just don't eat the wrong ones. Pencillin comes from bread mold, not mushrooms.
According to Defty, you probably won't know if your child is allergic to Penicillin (or any other medicine for that matter) until it is administered. However, if there is a history
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