How to Dye Dark Hair Purple?


To dye your hair black purple, you will need a dark purple dye. If your hair is extremely blonde, you will first want to go to at least a light brown. Apply the dark purple dye and leave on for the time specified. Wash out, rinse, dry and you have purple hair!
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1. Skip washing your hair for several days before dyeing. Since you'll be bleaching your hair, it's best to let the natural oils build up on the scalp first. This thin coating of
To lighten dark hair you need to get hair dye that is only one or two shades lighter than your natural hair color. Then after a few days you can go down another shade or two.
If you want the purple to stand out against the brown in your hair, then buy some purple dye from any store that sells it. Then what you want to do is go to a beauty supply store
It is simply just called purple. Nothing special
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