How to Get Rid of Red Spots after Shaving?


Dark and red spots can appear on the skin after shaving for a number of reasons. Sometimes it is from a buildup of dead skin or irritation. To help get rid of these spots make sure to exfoliate regularly. Lemon juice or hydroquinone cream can be used to lighten the spots. Also it may be necessary to choose another method of hair removal.
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1. Hold a clean wash cloth under warm running water. Wet the cloth and wring out excess moisture. 2. The warmth of a damp wash cloth soothes irritated skin. Hold the warm wash cloth
1. After you safely shave your legs with warm water, smooth shaving cream, and a good razor and you don't have any cuts, put some lotion on your legs to comfort them. When I say lotion
run cold water over your legs after shaving
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