Dark Spots on Knees?


There are many causes of dark spots on knees such as friction and neglect. Age spots are another cause of dark spots on knees. Hyperpigmentation is another cause of the spots.
Q&A Related to "Dark Spots on Knees?"
One cause of dark spots on the body is excessive sun exposure, reports the Mayo Clinic in its article “Age Spots (Liver Spots.)” The dark spots take years to develop and
To remove the dark spots from your knees, make your own homemade sugar
I'm assuming you mean dark spots caused by hair growth. You can bleach the area (with hair bleach made for such areas) but keep in mind that will bleach the skin too (so, if have
If you notice that the skin on and around your knees is gradually becoming darker, the cause may be one of many. Some causes are external and can be corrected through simple skin
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