Dark Spots on Legs?


Dark spots on the legs can be the result of a number of things. For example, sun spots are light to dark brown, and can show up starkly against fair skin. Bruises are also easy to get on the legs.
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That's a little general as a question. Dark spots from the knee down can mean a number of things, but none of them relate to multiple sex partners. A few examples: 1. Birthmark (self
Dark spots can be inherited as birth marks. The spots are technically considered skin lesions also termed "Naevi. These dark spots are slightly raised on the skin and can range
they could be moles but you should get a doctor to look at em just in case.
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Dark Spots on Legs
Our skin's appearance tells a real story for many of us. Any type of discoloration normally can have a variety of different physiological causes, and should be diagnosed by a skilled dermatologist.... More »
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