Darken Bleached Hair?


To darken bleached hair you need to apply hair color after it is bleached. Allow the bleach job to settle for a week or two before adding any dye. This can be harsh to the hair. Follow package directions to dye hair dark.
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1. Choose a hair dye. Pay special note to the base color of the dye and make sure it matches the base color of the bleach, which is yellow. If you choose a hair dye with too strong
If your hair is bleached blonde in order for you to go darker and not have your hair turn green you will want to dye it red first then use a darker brown to go over it. Or you can
Okay so what I did was I first bleached my hair twice from when i had dark brown dyed hair. It was a yellowish-white blonde so i dyed it with the XXL live platinum. It was white.
You're going to want to try coffee. You'll need: One(or two) cup(s) of brewed coffee (warm, not hot, it's going in your hair) Conditioner. A little bit of water. An empty container
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How to Darken Hair After Bleaching
Bleaching is a process in which some form of lightening product is applied to hair. The most extreme cases of this process can cause hair to become almost white. If you don't like the way your hair looks after you have bleached it, however, you can... More »
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