How can I check Darlington County Detention Center bookings?


The Darlington County Detention Center is located at 2349 Rogers Road in Darlington, South Carolina. They can be reached at 843-398-4220. As of March 2013, Captain Waddell Coe oversees the operations concerning the bookings, releases, court, and transportation. A person can check the people who are currently inmates at the facility by going to their website. The inmate’s name is listed along with the charge. The booking date, bail, and scheduled release date, if one is available, is also listed.
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The Federal Detention Center (FDC) is located in the City Center District at 700 Arch Street in Philadelphia, Philadelphia County PA.
Kenton County Detention Ctr 303 Court St # 8, Covington,
It's people they don't want you to see. they get paid from the person in the picture.
There appears to be two different GCDCs. One in KY and one in TX. Since I don't know which one you're referring to the only advice I can give is to give them a call and ask for a
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