Datastore Edb?


Datastore Edb (datastore.edb) is a file that keeps track of the Windows updates on your computer. If you delete the file, the updates will not be deleted. However, deleting the file causes Windows to think you haven't installed updates.
Q&A Related to "Datastore Edb?"
As far as I know its only purpose is to let Windows Update know which updates you have installed so it can offer updates you don't have installed.
yuhs, you have captured the .edb files as part of your MSI creation process. These are just log files that are created by windows automatic updates and you dont need them in your
Dear Lawrence, I have deleted the Datastore.edb and when I started check for updates it recreated itself and reach 33Mb.
As I mentioned earlier, I'm creating some msi packages to push out to my company.
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