Dates for Lucasville Ohio Flea Market?


The 2013 Lucasville Flea Market will be taking place at the Scioto County Fairgrounds which is located at 1193 Fairgrounds Road in Lucasville, Ohio. The Lucasville Flea Market will be open on April 13 and 14, June 1 and 2, and again October 12 and 13, 2013. Lucasville in located in the central southern part of the state. The area encompasses 2.6 miles, has a population of 2,757, and is located in the Eastern Time Zone.
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i'm not sure on that particular one, but most flea markets take place every sunday, and they will be starting around may.
CLEVELAND - - THRU, FRI, SAT & SUN. Clark Avenue Flea Market. 5109 Clark Avenue. Hours 11am-6pm. Ample parking. Indoor/outdoor market with approximately 60 dealers. Antiques,
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