What Is a Third Cousin?


Dating a third cousin is considered dating someone just within the family and is thereefore not encouraged. A third cousin is a great-grand child of a great-great uncle or aunt.
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Approach your cousin gently and tell her your feelings. Chances are, you have some knowledge that the attraction is mutual. If she is uncertain, don't be pushy. You will always have
The. grandchild of your grandparent's cousin. The. child of your parent's. second cousin.
The term third cousins mean that the cousins have the same
ok my aunts daughter is my 1st cousin her daughter is my 2nd cousin her daughter is my 3rd cousin if my blood aunt married my blood uncle the child of that union would be Double 1st
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You can date your fourth cousin and can even marry them. In the United States, it is only illegal to marry your first cousin. In this regard, it is technically ...
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