How do you disassemble a Davis P-380?


The Davis Model P 380 is a gun that is worth between $90 and $125. You should be very careful when disassembling the gun. Remove the magazine first. Then you can loosen the small screws.
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1. Eject the magazine from the P-380 and pull back the slide action to remove any rounds that may have been chambered. This should always be your first step when working with any
Generally $90 to $125 new (no holster, 1 clip) Dealers cost was $50.00. A serious shooter would say it's worth nothing. I put about 300 round through mine and it never gave a problem
Many problems with Hitachi Plasmas can all be traced to a defective Y board. this would be the board on the left on most models. you can simply check the fuses on this board and if
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The Davis P380 is a small automatic handgun. It is an inexpensive handgun and the quality is questionable. You can buy a used one for under $100 but it may not ...
Davis Industries made a pistol with a model number of P-380. If you need parts for this gun you may want to do an online search for some used gun dealers and parts ...
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