What are some questions you should ask a prospective daycare?


When searching for a daycare, it is important to ask questions about the facility. Some important ones to ask are if they have references, have the employees had background checks and if they are licensed. Before visiting, it is a good idea to make a list of the questions you want to ask.
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Questions to Ask a Home Daycare
When you need to find a home daycare for your child, you want to make sure the place you leave your child is safe and has caring, experienced caretakers. You also want a daycare where your child feels secure. Even if you know the caretakers, for the... More »
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To interview day care providers, you need to ask questions about their competency. Ask whether or not they are licensed, and when they have most recently worked ...
In an interview, daycare teachers need to be asked about their education and past experience. Questions relating to their teaching style may also be helpful.Daycare ...
Before leaving a child in a home daycare facility, ask about licenses, accreditation, enrollment numbers, space availability, cost, hours and policies, according ...
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