Daycare Questions to Ask?


When searching for a daycare, it is important to ask questions about the facility. Some important ones to ask are if they have references, have the employees had background checks and if they are licensed. Before visiting, it is a good idea to make a list of the questions you want to ask.
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Though some questions may be more difficult to ask than others, it is almost always easiest to just ask the question directly. You may be surprised by the answer!
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When interviewing a prospective daycare employee, it is wise to ask questions about the person's background and what made them choose this line of work. ...
To interview day care providers, you need to ask questions about their competency. Ask whether or not they are licensed, and when they have most recently worked ...
Interview questions to ask a daycare teacher include whether or not they know CPR and whether or not they are licensed. Another question to ask is about the experience ...
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