What are the standard rates for daycare?


Daycare rates are the amounts of money charged by a site that offers child care to parents. The rates of daycare can vary greatly. It depends on the the amount of hours each week a child attends the center, what the daycare rates are, the age of the child, and the specialty of the daycare. Average rates range between $125 per week to $450 per week. If the center provides meals for the children, rates could be higher. Rates are also higher at a daycare that offers services to infants or toddlers in diapers.
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The NAEYC offers a voluntary accreditation process that measures administrator and teacher qualifications and program standards. Other measures include parent-teacher relationships,
Daycare rates can average 10-25 dollars an hour for at home day care
The costs vary widely based on where a family lives. From a USA Today article. http://www.usatoday.com/money/perfi/gene…. Average child care fees for one infant range from
Varies greatly depending on where you live, how long, drop-in, contract, age of child, what the parent is providing, supply/demand of the particular
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Typical Daycare Costs
Choosing quality childcare can be a daunting task for any family, particularly when you factor in the high financial and emotional costs involved. It is important for families to know what to look for in a quality program and to make a selection based on... More »
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