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Daycare rates are the amounts of money charged by a site that offers child care to parents. The rates of daycare can vary greatly. It depends on the the amount of hours each week a child attends the center, what the daycare rates are, the age of the child, and the specialty of the daycare. Average rates range between $125 per week to $450 per week. If the center provides meals for the children, rates could be higher. Rates are also higher at a daycare that offers services to infants or toddlers in diapers.
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The NAEYC offers a voluntary accreditation process that measures administrator and teacher qualifications and program standards. Other measures include parent-teacher relationships,
Daycare rates can average 10-25 dollars an hour for at home day care
varies greatly on region or length of time. $100-200 per week is a good range for most of the non coastal US. anything goes in LA, DC, or NYC!
Varies greatly depending on where you live, how long, drop-in, contract, age of child, what the parent is providing, supply/demand of the particular
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Typical Daycare Costs
Choosing quality childcare can be a daunting task for any family, particularly when you factor in the high financial and emotional costs involved. It is important for families to know what to look for in a quality program and to make a selection based on... More »
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Home daycare rates vary from city to city. They may be more in larger cities than smaller cities and towns. Home daycare rates in rural areas may also be significantly ...
The going rate for daycare can vary greatly. It depends on the specific daycare and what they charge. It also depends on the age of the child. Infants have a much ...
First you will have to determine the age of adults you'll accept. Then get a daycare licence and than set rates per person for the daycare services. You'll have ...
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