How do you concatenate in DB2 SQL?


The concatenate operator can be indicated by two ways in DB2 SQL. You can either use CONCAT or alternatively, use double bars (||) for the concatenation operation. CONCAT, however, is mostly preferred.
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You can download the following IBM redbook: m/abstract. s/sg246503.html?Open. It's be a great start with many good examples. HTH, DaveSlash.
1. Open a SQL command line. 2. Select the fields you wish to join, separated by the concatenation operator, with the following command: SELECT city || state. 3. Specify the table
Disclaimer: This is a very generic and quick comparison. For any details, feel free to reach to me directly. Oracle: Great scalability and availability, DR, replication, high cost
I am trying to write a query where it will strip -CN from a name field in my table. Not sure how to do this. Column Name = CUSTOMER_NAME, Table Name = CUSTOMER_TABLE AS newName FROM
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