What Is a DD 1348 1-a Form?


DD 1348 1-a form is a issue release or receipt document and one can view the form from the website of http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/infom… and the form is not accessible for general Air Force use.
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Original and 4th copy is retain by cosigner, duplicate retain by DCS of finance, quad duplicate to consignee. By Munawar khan.
It means COMPLETION OF REQUIRED ACTIVE SERVICE; Voluntary release or transfer to another service component (USMC) EAS. Source(s) http://www.sdmcp.org/Regs/marcorpsepman/….
Enter your IRRD information. Click on IRRD at the bottom of the screen.
At a minimum we require you to provide a quantity (pos. 25-29), a complete requisition/document number (DoDAAC in pos. 30-35, julian date in pos. 36-39, and serial # in pos 40-43)
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