What are DEA identification numbers for physicians?


The DEA number for physicians is 800-882-9539. Questions concerning registration with the DEA can be sent to DEA.Registration.Help@usdoj.gov. This number is for physicians that want to register and get a license to prescribe controlled substances. The DEA is the only way to get a license to prescribe the controlled substances. Along with a DEA license, or certificate, one is also needed from the same state that the physician will be practicing medicine. The acronym DEA stands for the Drug Enforcement Agency.
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1. Look for the DEA number on the bottom of the prescription that the physician gave you. The number is sometimes printed there. 2. Contact your physician's office to learn the DEA
A physician needs a DEA number to prescribe controlled substances. This is to help monitor the dispensing of controlled substances to the public. The DEA Form 224 (new applications)
Indiana does not have their own DEA recruiter, so contact Special Agent
Let's start with revocation of DEA license, and then the DEA will make it their business to dole out suffering as only they have the malice.
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