How Long Does It Take for a Dead Body to Stink?


It depends on what kind of atmosphere the body is left in. If it is a cold, dry situation the body might never start smelling. It will just desiccate. But in a warm moist at atmosphere a body will begin to smell quickly, how quickly also of varies on the state of the body, if there are punctures in certain organs or not, some organs comprise smelly things. But a non-punctured body in a hot wet environment will probably begin to smell after 3-4 days.
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Because when bodies are decomposing they release gases that smell bad.
A dead body sometimes gets an autopsy done to find the cause of death. After this the body is embalmed for preservation during the viewing. It is then buried in a casket.
put it in your freezer. then just cut off parts you want to eat like brains and liver.hopefully it was just a hooker people don't put out missing persons report on them very often
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