Why Were the Bodies of WTC Jumpers Airbrushed out of 9 11 Photos?


Why were the bodies of wtc jumpers airbrushed out of 9 11 photos because no one wants to view that peril of those people. Out of respect for them and their families the photos were deleted.
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The first answer pretty much had it right. I just want to clarify that this practice is actually part of the religion of Islam, not middle eastern culture in general. Only Muslims
9/11: The Falling Man. Discovery Knowledge at 10:00pm. This is one of the finest documentaries made about the devastating attacks on the World Trade Center in 2001. A photograph of
The sort of people who believe this is a fake are the sort of idiots who believe the moond landings are faked and they are hiding aliens in Area 51. It is inevitable that you will
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