Dead Country Singers?


There have been many dead country singers over the years. Some have died from natural causes such as old age, while others died young from suicide or plane crashes. Some were killed in bus accidents and some from cancer. Famous dead country singers include Mindy McCready, Liz Anderson, Mel McDaniel, Tommy Crain, Charlie Louvin, Ralph Mooney, Conway Twitty, Dotty West, Marty Robbins, Chris LeDoux, Eddie Rabbitt, Jim Reeves, Tammy Wynette, Hank Williams, Sr., Patsy Cline, and Keith Whitley.
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1. Keep on listening to any country song over and over so you can learn the song. Ad. 2. Try to find your vocal range because many country singers can hit very high notes like Carrie
Legendary country singer Buck Owens, known as the
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