Dead Tooth Nerve?


Dead tooth nerve is a tooth without a nerve inside it. When a tooth's nerve dies, pulling the tooth or performing a root canal is necessary as it can cause a serious infection that causes a tooth abscess. A dead tooth is also known as a non-vital tooth.
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1. Use whitening toothpaste daily. The toothpaste lifts stains and penetrates deeply to whiten teeth. This will help remove surface stains off of the dead tooth which can make the
The part of the tooth that has the nerves in it is right under the crown of your tooth 'aka' the top part of your tooth and they travel down into you gums hope this help's :
The tooth should be checked with an electronic nerve tester: A
your tooth probably had nerve inflammation and was not pain due to infection ,.that is why you felt pain as inflammed nerve harded to numb. dentist prob put material in with filling
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It is not always necessary, lots of dentists preform root canals when it's not even needed. If there is serious tooth decay and an injury to the tooth then a ...
A dead tooth is a tooth that does not have a nerve inside it. In such a case, the nerve is usually dead. The nerve inside the tooth is what tells you if your coffee ...
A dead tooth has no nerve ending and shouldn't hurt anymore. It is usually black unless a dentist has cleaned it out. You will probably need a root canal on a ...
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