Who are the deadbeat dads of Ontario?


There are many deadbeat dads in Ontario, Canada. At one time, the government of Canada created a website that had a list of all the deadbeat parents, including dads. This list was for parents who did not pay their child support. The website was called Good Parents Pay. The site is no longer running, but Ontario is still rigorous about finding and collecting from deadbeat dads. The government now offers a way for the general public to help find deadbeat dads and deadbeat moms through the Ontario Ministry of Community and Social Services.
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Child support is the amount of money that noncustodial parents are required to pay the parents (or guardians or caretakers) who have physical custody of their children. Parents are
3% refuse to pay. The majority of child support arrears are the result of legitimate causes such as being laid off, where the obligee does not know that the state provides free help
A deadbeat dad is a father who willfully defaults on his obligation to provide financial
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