Death before Dishonor in Latin?


Death before dishonor when translated into Latin is Nex Pro Inhonesto. This phrase is used for many military speeches in the United States.
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"Malo mori qaum foedari" is Latin for the infamous saying "Death Before
mors ante infamium.
The latin translation of "Death before Dishonor" is "Potius mori quam foedare." Ask us anything
It seems to be a marine motto "mors ante pudorem" but neither Ovid nor Livy nor any other major author said it, at least not in those exact words. Source(s)
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Death before dishonor means that it is better to die than to be dishonored. Being dishonored is like having who you are put to shame. It is an old saying. I do ...
The phrase 'death before dishonor' has a particular meaning: the speaker is indicating he would rather die than commit a dishonorable act. This sentiment can be ...
For Kanji symbols for death before dishonor you can access it online because these symbols are in Chinese. Here are the sites; ...
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