Death Penalty Should Not Be Abolished?


The death penalty should not be abolished because people who commit capital offences continue to do so after they have been released from prison. The death penalty is also a crime deterrent. It is also logical justice that if you take the life of someone, you should pay with your own.
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There are many country's that have reached a stage of development where the abhorrent practice of government initiated killing people for legal reasons have been abolished, However
It came in two stages. It was abolished for murder in 1965. It was finally abolished in 2002 for remaining offences during wartime (e.g. treason). The abolition for murder was due
1 There are many reasons why you may not like the death penalty, so the first step is to research why YOU don't like the death penalty . 2 Understand that criminal proceedings are
In 1972, capital punishment was suspended by the U.S. Supreme Court (Furman v. Georgia). It was allowed again in 1976 after the decision in Gregg v. Georgia.
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Critics of the death penalty say it should be abolished as it is cruel and very unorthodox. Furthermore, penalties ought to rehabilitate criminals and the death ...
Albert Camus thought that the death penalty should be abolished not because of any sympathy for the convicts but because he felt that it was a form of premeditated ...
The death penalty in the UK was abolished in three major phases: firstly, the death penalty for murder was abolished on the 16th of December 1969. Secondly, In ...
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