Debate Topics for College Students?


College student debates topics include whether or not a nation's children should receive sexual education classes as part of their curriculum or questioning whether females make for better student than males. Others could examine whether or not public schools in the United States give too much homework to children, schools recognizing gay, lesbian, and transgender students as equals, schools supporting heftier punishments for those students who bully other children, and how important art programs are in America's school systems.
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2008-2009 Intercollegiate Debate topic: that the US Fed Govt should
Is economical advancement and a technology led way of life good for us or is it making us rely heavily on machines and forsaking our responsibilities as humans? Was our forefather's
Writing a paper isn't really difficult. She needs to follow these steps: . 1. Read a little about different philosophies. Maybe compare John Stuart Mill, Rousseau, etc. Or perhaps
Debating, I think, is a very good exercise for children of the right age, usually about age 12 and up. It teaches critical thinking and logic in a way that is hard to do if you only
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College debate topics are chosen based on their controversial nature, so be prepared to debate a topic you may or may not agree with. These are sometimes age ...
What the college debate topic for this year is can vary greatly. It would depend on what specific college and what their debate topic is. ...
Teenage debate questions can be things like teen pregnancy, drugs, drinking, curfews, college, or communication with parents. Teens have lots of things to deal ...
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