Debt Collector Job Description?


The debt collector job description does not necessarily call for a college degree, but a having an associates or bachelors degree in communication can help one to land the job easier. A debt collector works directly with the debtor to try and settle an outstanding debt. A debt collector may work with debtors to reach an agreed upon payment settlement or payment options. If a deal is reached, it is the collector's job to follow up and see that these payments are made.
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A collectors job description includes; following payment commitments, identifying delinquent accounts and calling when payment is late, keeping the Department Manager updated on problem
How much do you owe? They will not sue you unless you owe them a very large sum. They'll write it off and sell the debt to some collection agency who will call you day and night.
I suggest you also take lessons on what the role of a debt collector is as it may have something to do with why you have been unemployed since 15 and why would you want a job which
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Debt Collector Job Description
During difficult financial times, some customers are unable to pay for products and services provided by companies that they have long-term contracts with. These companies need these payments oftentimes in order to stay in business. Therefore, when... More »
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