Deciduous Forest Decomposers?


The deciduous forest decomposers are quite a number. There are so many living things that are decomposers in a temperate deciduous forest. They include fungi, earthworms maggots and much more.
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Decomposers in a temperate deciduous forest are: Fungi, Bacteria, Earth Worms, Fly maggots.
Decomposers like mushrooms, ants and termites are very common in
C) mushroom - or rather the entire fungus with an underground network of mycelium that decomposes detritus the other three leave. Algae, oaks, and lichen are all producers either
Deciduous forests are commonly populated with oak, birch, ash, walnut and hickory trees. They display a full range of seasons, their appearance changing drastically as the year progresses
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Some of the scavengers in a temperate deciduous forest include the raccoon and the buzzard. Other scavengers include rats, mice and even foxes. The temperate deciduous ...
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