How to Install Carpet on a Deck?


Deck carpet will need to be indoor outdoor grade carpet. This will face lots of rain and maybe snow. This is an area where the carpet will need to be very sturdy.
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1. Lay sheets of exterior-grade plywood over the deck planks. Fasten the plywood to the decking with deck screws and a drill (one deck screw every 12 inches) 2. Unroll outdoor-grade
If the rug was glued to the deck, pull it up as best you can, then rent a floor sander and sand it down. Treat the wood after this to keep moisture out. -There are many good products
Hi Thomas. Any type of carpet, if it is going to get wet, will go moldy after a while. I do not know of any product that would be acceptable apart from roll roofing. I have, in the
I used a marine grade glue when I rebuilt my boat decking and I used treated plywood. I had no problems with it sticking. But I did staple the edges down.
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Carpeting a Deck
Imagine opening the door that leads to your deck and stepping onto the surface barefoot, without feeling cold, hard wood. Carpeting this feature will help to make it really feel like an extension of your home. Select a style of outdoor, weather resistant... More »
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