Decomposers of the Savanna?


Many different species of decomposers can be found in Savanna. Decomposers are generally unicellular as well as multi-cellular soil organisms. Some examples are mold, bacteria, insects, larvae and worms etc.
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I really don't know what you mean by this but sand can definitely decompose. I think.
As much as 90 percent of the grass biomass that is decomposed in
Many animals of the savanna are scavengers - vultures, hyenas, black-backed jackals, and predators, such as lions, often scavenge food.
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The decomposers of a savanna biome include bacteria, fungi, earthworms and insects. These decomposers break down organic material, which then frees up essential ...
Some decomposers in the South African Savanna and grassland are termites and earth worms. There are also arthropods and some snails. ...
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